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  •   EZlivin’
  •   ——————————
  • vocals
      Elise Zijlstra
  • piano
      Eric van de Bovenkamp
  • bass
      Xander Buvelot
  • drums
      Jeroen Molenaar
  •   ——————————
  • producer
      Jeroen Molenaar   
  •   Studio Jeroen Molenaar
  •   Hilversum
  • engineer
      Dick Kok
  •   LAB-3
  •   Amsterdam
  • master
      Peter Brussee
  •   Q Point Digital Audio
  •   Hilversum
  •   ——————————
  • composers
      Denise van Donselaar
  •   Daniël Gibson
  •   Elise Zijlstra [re-writing text]
  •   ——————————
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  • phone
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‘Song voor Bas’

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‘Song voor Bas’
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‘Song voor Bas’

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Why ‘Alzheimer Nederland’?

Years ago, on a lovely summers evening, I let my father hear a song entitled ‘Song for Bas’ (my father is also called Bas). The number was written by a great Dutch performer called Denise van de Donselaar. My father loved the song and I told him that, if I could hold it together emotionally, I would sing this number at his funeral. Of course, I had hoped that such a deep and difficult moment would be very far in the future. It was a beautiful, special and emotional evening. My father was at that moment, still fit and strong. Unfortunately, these days, things are very different.

My father is slowly losing the battle with dementia. It is truly heavy on my heart. Maybe you are familiar with this situation.

We have always enjoyed making music together. Singing, playing, listening…everything. Now that he has started to drift away, everything has changed. I am losing him and it hurts dreadfully.

For this reason, I have recorded a special version of ‘Song for Bas’. I re-wrote the text so that it describes what we are going through. The special part for me is that he was able to hear it lately.

The plan is to publish the song and allow it to be downloaded. All proceeds from the sale of the song will be gifted to ‘Alzheimer Nederland’ for research purposes. Whilst my father will probably not benefit from any research directly, many other people will and this makes it worthwhile.

So, that is my story. Undoubtedly, you will understand why this song for my father and this project is so important to me. On behalf of Alzheimer’s Nederland, my father and me personally, many thanks for downloading this song.

If you have downloaded the song, could you please let me know? It would mean so much to me. Also, it would be hugely appreciated if you could share this message and/or video to your friends and family.

Song For Bas 

I can’t seem to think of a reason
I can’t understand why you have to go
Who’s deciding that this is over
There is so much more about life to know

I wish I could give you love
I wish that I could bring you life

I won’t let you lose this precious lifetime
Don’t leave, don’t go, don’t give up on me
I won’t let you go I call for an angel
Please don’t, take all, of our music away

I remember those days in summer
In the car where we used to sing along
On our way to, sunny places
Thoughts and dreams written in our favorite song

Don’t wanna miss you, don’t go
Don’t you leave me alone, don’t go